Why The BOSCH CarePhone 10 Is Our Choice For PERS Systems

Why The BOSCH CarePhone 10 Is Our Choice For Personal Emergency Response Systems

The BOSCH CarePhone 10 Console is the hub of one of the most successful personal emergency response systems available, and it’s our first choice at Senior Alert Medical.

With well over 100,000 units in place, the BOSCH CarePhone 10 is a proven emergency response system that’s easy to use, reliable, and very powerful.

The BOSCH CarePhone 10 combines a powerful speaker and sensitive microphone for superior two-way voice communication throughout the home.

An alarm can be triggered by the red button on the device, the wireless pendant, or the wrist transmitter. A speech connection is established automatically with our medical alert  monitoring center manned 24 hours a day enabling help to be summoned rapidly and individually in an emergency.

Features of the BOSCH CarePhone 10 Personal Emergency Response System include:

  • Options to use as a table-top or wall-mounted system
  • Easy “plug-n-play” installation.  Just plug into the phone jack, plug in in the power, and it’s ready to turn on.
  • 72 hour battery backup
  • Large “Emergency” button on the console
  • Compact size – just 8.07 inches by 9.25 inches and 1.6 inches deep.
  • “Auto-test” confirms the console is working properly
  • “Clear” Button stops emergency reports sent accidentally
  • Range of up to 1,000 feet from transmitter (medical alert button) to the base.  That’s three football fields!
  • Hospital grade quality by German medical device manufacturer BOSCH.

The system is manufactured by BOSCH – a global leader in medical and communications technology.   With the BOSCH CarePhone 10 from Senior Alert Medical, you can live in your own home independently, safe, secure and fee from worry.  Assistance is there when you need it – day or night – with our personal emergency response service.  You can be like thousands of other American seniors who enjoy an independent lifestyle with the hep of a personal emergency response system at your fingertips.  This simple to use, yet sophisticated medical emergency alert and notification system lets you live the life you choose to lead.

You can see more photos of the Bosch CarePhone 10 system on our Tumblr account.

Senior Alert Medical’s affordable medical alert service costs just $1 a day, and provides the peace of mind that seniors and their families need.   You’ll save ten’s of thousands of dollars compared to an assisted living facility, and will keep your family members living in the comfort and security of their own home.  For more information about our personal emergency response service and the reliable BOSCH CarePhone 10 personal emergency response  system, just call 1-888-995-5520.

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