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We gladly share the feedback from our customers’ medical alert system reviews …we want you to make an informed decision and feel comfortable that our medical alert systems are right for you.  Enjoy!

Testimonial1“I tell everyone now that you can still be independent at home and wear a medical alert necklace. I have used it 3 times now and each time the paramedics have been to my house in under 5 minutes. I wouldn’t live without the button and I know it gives my kids a peace-of-mind as well!”

– Dorothy S., Midland, Texas

“…I used my “Medic Alert” Alarm button when I was very ill with the flu. The response was immediate and I was able to request the EMS. To know assistance is near in such a short time is worth the small price of your service. Your Service is a Blessing…”

– Diane C., Pennsylvania — Medical Alert Client Since 2008

“Just ordered this system for my ailing aunt – she has recently had a hip replacement and I don’t want her to have to worry about how she’s going to get help if she falls or has any other problems. While she was a bit reluctant at first to wear the (very small) device, she’s become more mobile since she’s had it and seems more like her old self again. For me, it was worth the small investment – no monthly contracts and I get a better state of mind.”

– Jane from Novi, Michigan

Testimonial3“Your button saved my mom’s life the first week she had the service….If she had not had the button around her wrist, I’m certain this fall would have left her on the floor for the entire night. Help got to her apartment in just seven minutes and used the lockbox with the key to get right in! I can’t tell you how thankful I am I ordered this for her when I did.”

– Pam M., Jericho, New York

“Your service worked just like you told me it would. I slipped and fell in the kitchen and pushed the medical alert button I wear around my neck. A nice young man came on the line, sent an ambulance for me and called my children to inform them of my situation. I have now told all my friends they can’t live alone without your service.”

– Mary C., La Jolla, California

“… As a widow I consider myself very independent and enjoy living alone… Last year my children decided I needed a Medical Alarm and gave it to me for my Birthday. I muttered and groused but began wearing it insisting all that time I didn’t need it. I was wrong! I appreciate your service and would certainly recommend it to anyone living alone…”

– Nelda K., Doak, Florida – Medical Alert Client Since 2007

“I recently purchased the home medical alert after reading their piece in Good Housekeeping. I live alone in the country and have diabetes so I want a system in place in the event that I need immediate medical attention. I like that the equipment is free and there isn’t a monthly contract I have to sign. I feel better already knowing I have this system in place.”

– JoLynn from Illinois

Testimonial5“… I joined in August 2004. Since then (4 Years) I have had to press my alert button 3 times – each time falling in my apartment and not in reach of a phone. The service was always excellent and prompt…”

– Albert E., Illinois –Medical Alert Client Since 2004

“… I fell in my backyard while gardening. After pressing the button for the first time I got a response and they were talking to me on the way over, which made me feel good. Many thanks…”

– Ethel H., New York — Medical Alert Client Since 2005

“Last week I fell in the shower and broke my right hip. I don’t even want to think about how long I would have been on the ground before someone came over! Thankfully your service allowed me to get help when I most desperately needed it!”

– Joseph M., Sarasota, Florida

“I recently bought this system for my ailing father. He has some hip problems and lives a few towns away. I feel better knowing he has an instant way to contact help since I cannot always be there to monitor his condition. I feel a bit better knowing I purchased from an established business – not one of those infomercial things. I read about this system in Good Housekeeping.”

– Briana J. of Novi, Michigan

Testimonial2“…I was on the floor & could not get up. Medical response was very helpful & responded very quickly…”

– Edo G., Garden Grove, California

“The first experience involving your service and equipment was when I started to experience severe angina on a scale of 1-10 about a nine. I slumped to the floor at the door of the bathroom and couldn’t get to the phone. I pressed the button on the pendant and the equipment worked just like you said it would. The dispatcher came on and I told him what was going on and he immediately dispatched the paramedics who were there in under three minutes.”

– Chaplain Joe Goodwin 1/10/05 – Balch Springs, Texas

“… I fell and probably would have frozen. I pushed my wonderful Connect America Button and the one listed person, a Paramedic and Fire Chief all arrived pronto! I was helped up… What a lifesaver Connect America is! …”

– Gail S., California. — Medical Alert Client Since 2007

“…I never thought I would need it but my Daughter was right…Thank you for helping all us old people keep our independence. Many thanks…”

– Jane C., Arizona. — Medical Alert Client Since 2007

Testimonial4“…I have had the occasion to us this service twice in the last few weeks and have been very pleased. The service was excellent. Keep up the good work…”

– Anne S., Texas — Medical Alert Client Since 2005

“Great personal emergency response system! I’ve purchased this service for my 79 year old mother who lives alone in the country. It’s an easy to use system that puts my mind at ease and allows my mom to feel safe and secure without feeling smothered. I like that the system offers free upgrades – very easy, low maintenance system for that extra added security for your loved one.”

– Miranda of Rochester, Michigan

“…I pressed the button on my Connect America and in a short time my neighbor who has my keys was letting in the paramedics…. It is worth the price to know I can get help so quickly…”

– Lucille B., Connecticut — Medical Alert Client Since 2006

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