Medical Alert Button for Medical Alert Alarm System for Seniors

The Medical Alert Call Button

The Medical Alert Call Button:

Some of the key features of our medical alert button are:

  • It’s waterproof (up to three meters deep!)
  • It comes three styles of your choice
  • It never needs new batteries

The waterproof emergency Medical Alert Call Button may be worn on your wrist, as a clip-on, or around your neck as a traditional pendant. It’s your choice how to wear your Medical Alert Call Button. The large call button itself is easily pressed during an emergency, ensuring that you get help quickly.

The Medical Alert Call Button can communicate with the Medical Alert Base Station up to 1,000 feet away – that’s the length of three football fields!

The Medical Alert Call Button may be worn either as a pendant around the neck, or as a bracelet or wrist-watch.  There is also a belt clip option if you prefer.

The pendant necklace has a break-away clasp to prevent choking, so you can wear the unit even when you are sleeping.

The medical alert call button is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which will easily last two years and never needs to be replaced.  When the battery starts to run low, it notifies the base system automatically,  and we send out a complete replacement button with fresh batteries at no charge.

The best part about the medical alert button is its simplicity. In an emergency, it is large and easy to press.  Unlike other systems or a cell phone, you don’t have to think about what numbers to dial, which buttons to press, or if it’s charged up.  Your medical alert button is always ready.


Hospital-grade quality by BOSCH.  These buttons are almost indestructible, thanks to the quality engineering and manufacturing by German medical equipment manufacturer BOSCH.  Our subscribers have told us the buttons have survived the washer and dryer with no problem at all (not that we recommend that, of course!).   The button is also waterproof up to three meters, so you can be confident about wearing it in the shower or bath.

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