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Good Housekeeping Recommended.

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Medical Home Alert featured in November 2005 Good Housekeeping

Page 114, November 2005 - click to enlarge

Page 114, November 2005 - click to enlarge

Transcript of article from Good Housekeeping, November 2005:

Whether you live across the country or across the street from your parents, you always worry: What if something happens? Will Mom and Dad be able to get help?

A medical alert device can help put your mind at ease. These machines are designed to let your parent make a call for help with the touch of a button.

Of the three devices our GH engineers tested, they liked the affordably priced Medical Alarm Monitoring System ($29.95 per month) best.

This system lets callers talk to a live person at a toll-free monitoring center by pushing a button on the device itself or through a remote button attached to a lanyard or bracelet. If your parent calls for help, the staff assesses the situation, dispatches local EMS, and notifies family.

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