Medical Alert Systems for Seniors In Florida

Medical Alert Systems for Florida Seniors

Medical Alert system for Florida Seniors

Reliable. Affordable. Recommended.

Our medical alert systems for Florida seniors come with everything you need to keep loved ones safe with instant access to emergency personnel around the clock at the push of a button.

If you are caring for an aging or disabled parent, relative, neighbor or friend, please order their Medical Alert system today. Don’t delay and risk having them be unprotected or unable to summon help in an emergency.

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Serving Seniors in Florida and all 50 States.

Medical Home AlertOur medical alert service is one of the largest and oldest in the country. More important is what our Florida clients say about us:

“… As a widow I consider myself very independent and enjoy living alone… Last year my children decided I needed a Medical Alarm and gave it to me for my Birthday. I muttered and groused but began wearing it insisting all that time I didn’t need it. I was wrong! I appreciate your service and would certainly recommend it to anyone living alone…” – Nelda K., Doak, Florida – Medical Alert Client Since 2007

“Last week I fell in the shower and broke my right hip. I don’t even want to think about how long I would have been on the ground before someone came over! Thankfully your service allowed me to get help when I most desperately needed it!” – Joseph M., Sarasota, Florida

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24/7 Medical Alert Emergency Response Center.

When you press the medical alert button, you are connected immediately with our Emergency Response Center to speak with a trained professional who knows your name, address, and medical conditions. This person will speak to you by name (“Hello Mrs. Jones, are you all right?”).

Once they determine the situation, they will take the appropriate action – calling a neighbor, family member, doctor, or emergency services. We will stay on the line with you at all times, letting you know what is happening and that you are not alone. If for any reason they are unable to hear you, they will immediately contact emergency services first, and then contact your family.

Learn more about getting a medical alert system in Florida – call now 1-888-995-5520.

Ordering a Medical Alert System is Quick and Easy – Guaranteed!

With Our Medical Alert System there is nothing to buy – our low monthly fee of $29.95 is all you’ll ever pay and is guaranteed to never go up. There are no long term contracts; you can cancel at any time. No set up fees, no return or restocking fees, just our low monthly fee of $29.95 is all you ever need to pay.

Here’s what you get:

Whole House Medical Alert MonitorTwo Way “Whole House” Speakerphone Base Unit – This is the heart of the medical alert system. It plugs into your phone line just like an answering machine, and connects wirelessly to the medical alert buttons worn by your loved ones, up to 600 feet away from the medical alert base. You will be amazed at how sensitive the microphone is as it picks up your voice in virtually any part of the home. It is UL certified and has a battery backup designed to provide power for 36-72 hours.

Medical Alert Medical ButtonMedical Alert Button – The battery powered medical button may be worn as a pendant around the neck, on the wrist, or with a belt clip. We will set it up any way you prefer, AND give you the additional options to wear it however you choose. It’s waterproof and can be worn in the shower. When the medical alert button is pressed, the two way “whole house” speakerphone base unit immediately calls our emergency response center.

Also included:
One (1) Rechargeable Battery Backup
One (1) Plug-in Power Supply
One (1) Plug-in Telephone Cord
24/7 Emergency Monitoring

We also offer medical alert systems for Florida seniors with 2-way voice communication pendants, automatic fall detection pendants, cellular connectivity if you don’t have a land line phone, and mobile medical alert systems with GPS. Call today to learn more at 1-888-995-5520.

Medical Alert Systems for Florida Seniors
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Medical Alert Systems for Florida Seniors
Florida seniors and their families rely on our medical alert systems to provide assistance and peace of mind.
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