Top 5 Reasons Seniors Don't Get A Medical Alert System

Top 5 Reasons Seniors Don’t Get A Medical Alert System

by Medical Care Alert · 4 comments

Sometimes the easy decisions are hard to make.

When speaking to hundreds of seniors and family members every day, we hear a lot of things!  Mostly we hear stories of how someone has recently fallen and wants the protection of a medical alert system so they are ready for the next time they have a fall or other emergency.  They want to remain independent in their homes, and don’t like the helpless feeling of being unable to summon help in an emergency.

We also have many people who call in to learn about our service, only to put off their decision for a while.  These are the most common reasons we hear people don’t get a medical alert system:

“I can’t afford it.” – Many seniors are on a fixed budget and even $1 a day can make an impact on their finances. For those of us who are working and are supporting our elder family members, a dollar a day really is a great bargain compared to the price of gas, our time, and most importantly the reduction in time that a senior may be alone and in trouble.  Getting a victim of a fall or stroke to a hospital quickly can make all the difference in their recovery time.  Sometimes, a recent fall or scare puts the $30 per month in perspective.  Another consideration is the amount of money a medical alert system can save you compared to assisted living facilities which start at around $1,500 a month.

“I’m not ready for it.” – No one is ever really ready for a medical alert system. The day you’re ready for it, is probably the day you’re on the floor and unable to get up – and then it’s too late. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 65% of  seniors will fall in their own homes.  The fact is that a medical alert system is a necessity for anyone living alone who may need help – whether its for a fall, illness, stroke, fire, noise outside or any other reason.

“I have to think about it.” – It makes sense for any senior or family member to think about getting a medical alert system, and how it can improve their lives by providing peace of mind and security.  But we all fall into patterns of procrastination and sometimes good intentions don’t receive action.  Families need to discuss any change in the home, but really need to take steps to make sure their loved ones are safe, and can remain independent at home.  Every day someone takes to thinks about ordering their system, it’s another day where there is a risk of something happening.

“My parents refuse.” Most people are resistant to change – this is natural and occurs in every walk of life.  The refusal is not really about the medical alert system, but about the changes that aging and illness can bring about.  We’d all like to turn back the clock on aging if we could!  But a medical alert system is really a tool to help keep people independent and safe at home – who could refuse that?

“My kids don’t want me to get one.” Really?  Why would children not want their parent to have a service that keeps them safe and independent, with access to emergency personnel at a moment’s notice?  Regrettably, there are some selfish children out there who have their own agendas – mostly financially related.  But most  senior adults realize they don’t need their children’s permission to do something that is ultimately beneficial for the entire family.

“I want to talk to other companies.” Shopping around is a good thing, especially for an important service like a medical alert system.  But just like reason number 3 “I have to think about it”, calling around often leads to procrastination and confusion.  We encourage those shopping around to set a date to make a decision (today by 5:00 PM, or tomorrow by noon at the latest for example) so that they can conduct their research, but ultimately make a decision and get protected – regardless of which service they choose to go with.

If you have questions or are not sure how to talk about getting a medical alert system, please give us a call.  We are happy to share your concerns and help in any way possible.  Our number is 1-855-272-1010.

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Donald Racette May 14, 2011 at 5:42 am

I have gotten the medical alert system in the past few months.I thought it out,and due to a history of mild sezures,I decided that I should get one.(Even
though I am only 41(Age those not really matter)).I test it weekly as I should,and I am happy with it,and the staff that answer me.They will not let me close the line untill they are sure all the information,and that I am only testing is correct.
On the 5th of this month I used it for the first EMERGANCY. I got dizzy,and after it got worse,I sat down in a chair,and pressed the buttom.Response was quick.I am very pleased with the system,and I knew that when I got it,It would some day work.
Thow I spent two days in the hospital,It would not stop me from using it again………………………………..Mr.Donald R.Racette

Medical Home Alert May 14, 2011 at 1:28 pm

We are very glad to know it worked out well for you! Thanks for your comments!

Ashley jonathan April 30, 2013 at 4:52 am

I am always worried about my grandmother who has alzheimers and parkinsons. I can’t always keep her close to me but need to keep her safe and secure. Then I bought this personal alarm system and have changed everything around. It gave a peace of mind that help is near her while she needs it.

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