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How To Save On Medical Supplies

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Here are some ideas on how to help people living with diabetes and other medical conditions to save on essential medicines and products.

Diabetes is one of the nation’s most debilitating and costly conditions. Because symptoms can become severe and even life-threatening, management of this chronic condition is essential.

In fact, many of the nearly 26 million adults living with diabetes can maintain a healthier lifestyle using life-saving medicines and products to monitor and control blood sugar levels.

Unfortunately, individuals and families affected by diabetes may have difficulty affording these medicines and products if they don’t have prescription coverage. Skipping medicines or not tracking blood sugar levels due to financial limitations can increase the chances of potentially life-threatening health complications.

“It is critical that people living with diabetes have access to the appropriate medications and products needed to properly maintain their health,” says John W. Griffin Jr., chair of the board for the American Diabetes Association. “In many instances, people living with diabetes also suffer from other chronic conditions that require medication to maintain their health. Disease management, including lifestyle modifications and medication compliance, is often an important part of staying healthy for a person with diabetes.”

Fortunately, people with diabetes can find resources that offer savings on medicines or even free medicines. One program is the Together Rx Access Card, which allows people with diabetes to visit their neighborhood pharmacist and save on many brand-name medications and products. Included in the list are blood glucose meters and test strips, as well as medications used to treat many other common conditions including hypertension and high cholesterol. Savings are also available on generic products.

“As an uninsured person living with diabetes who also has high blood pressure and other chronic conditions, I was having difficulty paying for my medications,” says Gloris Deel of Maryland. “I don’t know how I would have made it without the Together Rx Access Program. Without the savings, I couldn’t afford to pay for all the medicines I need to stay healthy.”

Here are some resources to help you save money on medical supplies:

  • American Diabetes Wholesale offers up to 60% off of retail prices, and ships free for orders over $100.00.
  • Click here to find the lowest prices on your diabetic testing supplies from the Diabetes Store.  This direct to consumer retailer offers diabetic testing supplies, clothing and other accessories, at deep discounts.  Free Shipping on Select Orders.
  • MedEx Supply also offers FREE SHIPPING on most orders of $100 or more, and has a wide range of medical, surgical, and diagnostic supplies, Medex Supply sells direct to consumers, and can supply your medical facility with all the necessary medical supplies to ensure a healthy, safe and sterile environment. Medex Supply is a favorite with Universities, Hospitals, Doctors, Nurses, Schools, Government agencies and more.
  • To learn more about participating pharmacies and the list of products included in the Program, visit And to learn more about diabetes and living with diabetes, visit or call (800) DIABETES.

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