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How To Keep Recovering Seniors Connected With Family Members

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When you learn that a friend, family member, coworker or neighbor is seriously ill or recovering from injuries or surgery, do you wonder how you can best show your support?

It depends upon the situation. Sometimes the best way to show your support is to just stay in touch, but other times, it’s to provide help that your friend or loved one needs.

“When someone you know experiences a serious health event, or is in the hospital recovering from a major surgery, connecting them with family and friends is very important,” says Sona

Mehring, founder of CaringBridge. “Often, people in this situation don’t know how easy and helpful it is to gather their family and friends and show support in an unobtrusive way.”

When you receive news that a loved one is going through cancer, premature birth or another health crisis, consider some of the following ideas in ways to best show your support:

  • Offer your help. Make a specific offer like cooking a meal, driving the person to appointments, babysitting for children, picking up groceries, calling other family members, writing thank-you notes, etc. By specifically offering to help in a way that uses your talents and won’t overwhelm you, you will be able to show support in a healthy way.
  • Be positive. You don’t have to be talking about your loved one’s illness all the time. Maybe you saw a funny online video that you know will tickle their funny bone. Copy the link and share it with your friend. Or tell him the story about your child’s performance in a school concert that had you beaming with pride. By keeping your loved one involved through your stories in real world events, you are helping them stay connected.
  • Create an online social networking page. For a person trying to recuperate from an illness, repeating health information time and time again is exhausting – even if the information is good news. Consider setting up an online support network page through CaringBridge, so your loved one can share updates once, post photos and receive messages of support.

CaringBridge is a nonprofit organization that offers free, personalized Web sites for patients to post health updates, photos and connect with family and friends.

“When a family member or good friend is isolated in the hospital or confined to home care, recovery is much easier when supporters are able to easily stay in touch,” says Mehring. “And by staying in touch, supporters can provide the assistance and love a patient needs to get them on the road to feeling better.”

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