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Look for Trust Mark Certifications

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When shopping, make sure you are dealing with accredited firms with legitimate credentials.

So many scammers have created a sense of distrust among consumers.  We all want to avoid getting ripped off.  So actual user reviews on social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest, and even Amazon, have become the place where folks can see how real people interact and review products.

But is that enough?

Better Business Bureau Medical Care AlertWhile user reviews are great, we like truly legitimate sources like the Better Buisness Bureau and Angie’s List.   These sites have a wide variety of reviews and strict criteria on who can be included.

A scammer uses lots of techniques to make herself look credible. She might claim to be from a legitimate business, but uses a fake website, business cards or phone number. The scammer provides the information to potential victims to “prove” that her connection to the trusted business is real.

It’s easy to set up a phony website or to get an unregistered cell phone. The scam artist may look and sound so convincing that the victim doesn’t feel the need to check out her real qualifications.

There are also sites that are industry-specific  that go a little bit deeper into a market category.  For example, Yelp! is great for restaurants and bars…but not so much for plumbers.

In-Home Safety Guide is a new site that focuses on safety and security matters.  Created by a group of technology, security, and testing experts, they use a combination of expert people as well as state of the art web algorithms to deliver the most in depth and unbiased reviews available.  Real people testing real productIHSG-Certifieds while also scouring the marketplace to bring you reviews on products and services to help keep you and your family safe, healthy, and secure at home.

As it relates to medical alert systems, IHSG’s Medical Alert System Team has been testing and reviewing these life-saving devices for over three years.  The trusted and verified reviews provide you with the information needed to make the best choice when selecting a medical alert system.

A company that is certified by InHomeSafetyGuide.org means their product or service has been thoroughly reviewed and tested (where applicable) by the IHSG team and meets a “very good” to “excellent” rating based on the below set of criteria.  A company who achieves an IHSG Certification provides a product and/or service that InHomeSafetyGuide.org fully endorses and recommends.


Look for Trust Mark Certifications
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Look for Trust Mark Certifications
Read legitimate websites for reviews before purchasing an item or service
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