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Are You Suffering from Caregiver Stress?

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If your caregiver stress is causing you to lose sleep, we understand. Last time, we asked whether our elderly loved ones were getting enough sleep.  Lack of sleep creates wooziness, unsteadiness, and mood swings, contributing to more uses of their senior medical alert systems.  Today, we’re going to turn the camera back around to you, the caregiver.  Are you on the road to burnout?

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common symptoms of caregiver stress.

6 Signs of Caregiver Stress


Losing sleep

Many situations feed into the loss of sleep.  Your loved one might stay up all night, wanting to talk with you.  You might be feeling the pressure of

depression.  A loss of sleep means that you might not be as much on your game as you were before you became a caregiver.

Lack of Concentration

Where you were once sharp and on the ball, you’re might feel like you’re pulled in a million different directions at once.  Perhaps you might compare it to standing on stage with flashbulbs going off in your face, drawing your attention to the next thing and the next thing.

Fruitless worrying

Is my loved one going to press the button to their senior alert medical system bracelet?  What am I going to do when it happens?  How are we going to take care of the medical bills?  The truth is that even the best prognosticators can’t predict the future, so it’s worth letting it go.

Overwhelming emotion

Do you cry at the thought of Ulysses Grant dying?  How about when you see the cat playing on the lawn?  You might not be able to put your finger on the reason why you’re crying and displaying emotion at the littlest things, but it’s a sure sign of caregiver stress.

Mood swings

The occasional mood swing is just a part of life, and it can happen at any time.  When those mood swings become more frequent, they might be a result of caregiver stress and a sign that you need to disengage from the caregiving role for a little while.


You might find yourself becoming angry at the small things, things which you didn’t become angry at in the past.  These things might include the way that your loved one occasionally forgets their pills, or perhaps the way that your spouse comes home a little late for dinner.   Stress might be taking its toll on you.

Relieving the Stress At Home

Sometimes, it’s just not possible to find an adult day care, a friend, or someone else to talk to.  You’ve got to blow off a little of that built-up pressure, so we’re offering a few relaxation techniques to help you through the tough times.  They have worked for many of the caregivers who work with our senior medical care systems and we hope that they work for you.


Meditation is as simple as concentrating on your breath and acknowledging the sensations and feelings which come up during the process.  Just fifteen minutes of meditation can clear the slate for the rest of the day.


Visualizing a place which makes you calm, disallowing any worries from interfering in the warm, happy thoughts.  This is a great way to accomplish two things: relieve your stress and refocus yourself on your personal goals.


This one comes from one of our more active caregivers.  She has a punching bag set up in her bathroom.  Every time she takes care of her personal business, she gives the bag a few swipes, releasing some of that anger.

Controlled Breathing

Rather than looking at the spot between your nose and your upper lip as you do in meditation, control
led deep breathing is intended to bring you into a more focused state of mind.

While the medical care system for seniors is great for those who need to immediately get help, who takes care of the caretakers?  By using some of these relaxation techniques, you can blow off some of the stress and be an even better caretaker.

Are You Suffering from Caregiver Stress?
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Are You Suffering from Caregiver Stress?
Caregivers need to watch their own needs and not fall into the trap of guilt and heavy caregiver stress.
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