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Are Our Elderly Getting Enough Sleep?

by Charlie Kimball · 0 comments

There are an amazing number of problems which are associated with lack of sleep.

elderly manIs your elderly loved one getting enough?  The sleep patterns of our older generations seem to change as they get older.

Think about how you feel when you’ve gotten very little sleep over the night.  You might be a bit groggy, a little woozy, and perhaps a bit more irritable.  The symptoms of sleeplessness are very similar in our elderly population.

A lack of sleep can increase the likelihood of falling which is one of the greatest fears of the old. Anything that increases the possibility of a fall also increases the need for an emergency medical response system.

What are some things which can hinder your loved one from getting their zzz’s?


Take a look at what your favorite elderly loved one drinks.  Are they addicted to the caffeine in tea, coffee, or soda?  Are they throwing their blood sugar out of whack with the amount of sugar that they’re eating in their food? Late-night snacking and irregular meals can also contribute to poor sleep cycles.


Everyone gets a little down from time to time, but we’re talking more about clinical depression. Clinical depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. Clinical depression can mess with sleep patterns and cause many other problems. If you believe your elderly loved one has depression, try to get them to see a doctor for a diagnosis.

Depression often comes with anxiety, which can definitely cause sleep issues. The combination of the two can result in symptoms like sleepwalking and long-term irritability. If they have those symptoms, it’s yet another reason to have a medical alert bracelet.


Lack of exercise can also throw off sleep patterns.  Walking a little more, or even just moving around a little more in the house, can help your elderly loved one sleep a little more.

There are many ways that you can get the elderly out of the house for more exercise. There are elder meetups and other gatherings which might be in the area.  You might even think about arranging a ‘people with emergency bracelets’ meeting.

As we grow older, everything changes, including our sleep patterns.  To get better sleep, help prevent falls, and more, it’s good to develop good sleep habits and consult with a doctor if there are any medical issues that interfere with sleep. If sleep deprivation is a problem already, make sure they have a personal emergency bracelet.



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