7 Resolutions for Senior Citizens

7 Resolutions For Our Senior Citizens

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It’s about the time to sing Auld Lang Syne and rush in the New Year.  Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were looking at 2014?  This is the time for making New Year’s Resolutions, making a new list and checking it twice.  We thought we’d offer some healthy goals to add to the list.

Learn a Dance

Whether it’s simply swaying in place in the slow dance or going all-out in a salsa, dancing is one way to keep both the heart and the brain active.  There are several dances from which to choose, or you can make up your own!

Here’s a dancing video you might enjoy from Britain’s Got Talent.   It starts off slow, but it’s incredible.


Being elderly and retired means that you have a ton of stories that you can tell to the younger generations.  There are people who need that wisdom in their own lives.  One of the places where you can start is with the Senior Corps Service – a national organization which sponsors foster grandparents and companionship.

Remodel the Bathroom

Getting older, for some, means that balance issues can come into play.  There are changes that you can make to the bathroom which will make it safer and more fall-proof.  We highly recommend installing a small medical alert station within the bath in case your favorite senior does fall.

We’ve got some more information about fall prevention in these articles:

7 Ways to Prevent Nighttime Falls

How to Make Your Bathroom Safe for Seniors

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Meet the Neighbors

Our world is filled with technology. Facebook makes it easier for our elderly loved ones to stay in contact with their family, but it also makes it easier to maintain the ties to friends and other people in their lives.  There’s another good reason to meet the neighbors: security and safety.

You might feel close enough with your neighbors to add them to your medical alert system contact list.  When caretakers are away (or live long distance) they can come and check on you or help you out in an emergency.

Take a Trip

Where do you want to go?  The travel industry is quickly realizing that there are plenty of active seniors out there who want to visit places, stay in luxurious hotels, and see the sights.

However, the trip doesn’t have to be far away to be enjoyable.  Just a little down the road to visit kids can be an entertaining vacation.  Just remember these travel tips for seniors (and don’t forget to pack the emergency alert pendant)

Do a Whole Sudoku Book

Sudoku is a popular logic puzzle game where puzzlers put numbers into squares.  These are highly addictive, and they keep the brain sharp with all of the possibilities.  Grab a big book and do one every day, and revel in the triumph when you complete it.

While emergency systems for seniors help our elderly loved ones physically when they fall, doing Sudoku, playing chess, filling in logic puzzles, and other activities help the brain stay sharp.

Write Letters

When was the last time that you received a handwritten note in the mail?  There’s nothing wrong with reviving that tradition, as it engages the whole body.  There is the writing, the decision on what to write, the selection of the paper, and more.  Writing to more people should be in everyone’s list.

We hope that you enjoyed our list of possible resolutions. We would love to hear from you about your resolutions.  Wear your medical alert jewelry, and stay safe out there!

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