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Going to the Emergency Room

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Sometimes, it’s necessary for you as a caregiver to take a stand and press the button on your loved one’s emergency medical necklace and go to the emergency room.  If you do use a medical alert necklace to notify emergency medical services, they will need to be prepared for your loved one’s arrival. Here’s what you can do to help them, your loved one, and yourself, when time is urgent.

  1. Know the Meds

Know the medications and the dosages of what your loved one is taking.  That will most likely be one of the very first questions that is asked, and your loved one might not be in a position to answer the questions if you had to press the button on their medical care alert necklace.

  1. Pack a Bag

Have a small bag packed with some of your loved one’s comfortable clothes packed inside. Toiletries are a good idea as well. Having these handy will reduce some of the stress of the emergency room visit.

  1. Know the Details

After you’ve engaged the necklace for emergencies, there are going to be a lot of questions.  And, while the EMT trained operator may have a lot of the answers already, you’ll still have to fill out the paperwork.  Be prepared to fill out many forms when you get there.

  1. Prepare for Boredom

One of the issues about going to the emergency room is that no matter how soon you come in there, there’s always going to be a wait, either outside in the waiting room or inside the emergency room itself.  You’re going to wait for everything, from tests to fluids.  Emergency rooms are all about hurry up and wait.


  1. Bring A Puzzle Book

In the time that you’re waiting for something to happen after you’ve used the medic alert necklace, you’re going to have to find something to do, and you cannot guarantee that you’ll have wireless service or other online ways of entertaining yourself.  Puzzle books are great for testing your mind – crossword puzzles might help your loved one focus while you’re in there.


Emergency rooms are never fun, but they’re sometimes a necessity when you’re caring for a loved one.  If you’re prepared, things will turn out a lot smoother – you’ll just have to reassure them that they’re not a bother.  Good luck, and happy caregiving!

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