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Our Elderly Parents Greatest Fears

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Getting old is difficult. One of the best things that we can do for our loved ones is to make a concerted effort to understand their situation.  Having that understanding will allow us to make better decisions on their behalf, as well as foster deeper communication during the time that we are caring for them. We’ve noticed that a few main fears keep arising among the older generation.

Fear of Loneliness

Just a few minutes with someone else can alleviate fears of loneliness. Spend time with your loved ones and encourage them to hang out with like-minded folks.  They can compare their medical alert bracelets, they can do arts and crafts, they can do anything they set their minds to, just as long as they’re being social while doing it.

Fear of Falling

Your loved ones have probably heard stories about people who have fallen and sustained injuries. Getting medical alert bracelets will help, simply because they provide the reassurance that there will be someone available in case a fall happens. Also, it’s good to go through the home and remove falling hazards like loose rugs.

Fear of Poor Health

The fear of failing health can stop our loved ones in their tracks.  There might be times that your loved one doesn’t want to go out for fear that they might hurt themselves or they might catch something.  We can prolong our loved ones’ good health by making sure that they eat well and that they always have their medical alert bracelets with them.

Fear of Losing Independence

This is a huge fear for the current elder generation who grew up on cars. They don’t want to have to be dependent upon someone else.  They don’t want to have someone else assist them with the activities of daily living.  They might have seen their mothers, fathers, or grandparents go through the decline and they want nothing of it.  Fortunately, there are measures which can be taken to help our loved ones stay where they are like assisted living or in-home care.

Fear of Running Out of Money

Thanks to medical advances, we are living longer.  While that’s a great thing on many fronts, many of our loved ones have the fear that they’re going to run out of money before they run out of life.  They know that you’re in place to take care of them, but they know that the conversation will always be there.  The good news here, though, is that our loved ones can still find work if they are capable of using the internet. There are lots of legitimate jobs online, like writing, which can be done from home.

Allaying ours and our loved ones’ fears is part of our work as caretakers.  The medical alert bracelets that we get for our elders are good, but we are responsible for so much more.  Take a few moments to talk to your loved ones and help them through – both of you will be better for it.

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