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3 Common Eye Diseases

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As vision deteriorates due to eye diseases, it becomes more and more imperative to put medical alert systems in place in case of falling.  1 out of every 3 people over the age of 65 experiences a fall and one of the major culprits of this falling is failing vision.  There are at least three big age-related eye diseases that cause diminishing eyesight.

Failing eyesight is one of the reasons that we made our medical alert bracelet button large enough to be seen.  If you’re in an emergency, we don’t want you fumbling around for the button.


blurred vision

Cataracts form when the proteins within your eye begin to clump together.  They form a small cloud within the field of vision, occasionally worsening so that the cloud is all one can see.  More women get cataracts than men.

Unfortunately, there are no lens cleaners for eyes.  To correct cataracts, it’s necessary to replace the cloudy lens with a clean one with surgery.  When recovering from cataract surgery, it’s highly recommended that no-contract medical alert systems are put into place in case the caretaker has to leave.  The medical alert bracelet will fill in the gaps.


Glaucoma will sneak up on unsuspecting people and gradually damage the optic nerve.  Many people go blind from this every year. Medical alert systems can help those who are going blind from this particular disease.

Age is one of the contributing factors to glaucoma.  While there is no true non-surgical cure, there are drops and other measures that one can take to minimize the damage that glaucoma might have.  If you’ve fallen as a result of glaucoma, a medical alert bracelet can summon help.

Macular Degeneration

When the macula begins to erode, eyesight diminishes.  The macula is the portion of the eye which controls the light-sensitivity.  When going through macular degeneration, people will have trouble with their central vision.  Having macular degeneration heightens the need for medical alert systems and medical alert bracelets.

Fortunately, macular degeneration is treatable with surgery.  Doctors have also had some luck treating this malady with drugs.

No matter our age, our eyesight is incredibly important.  Having glaucoma, macular degeneration, or cataracts should not prevent you from going out and enjoying the world.  With your medical alert bracelet acting as a safety net, there’s nothing stopping people from living independent lives even when suffering from eye diseases.


Article by Charlie Kimball from MedicalCareAlert.com

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