Reasons To Use a Key Lockbox with your Medical Alert System

Reasons to Use a Lockbox In Conjunction with a Medical Alert System

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Right after you’ve pressed the button on your medical alert necklace, the clock is ticking.  Once emergency personnel are dispatched and on their way…time is of the essence.  If you’ve got medical alert systems installed for your parents, grandparents, or yourself, you don’t want anything to get in the way of getting them the help they need….including the front door.


Paramedics feel the same way.  They know that you or your loved one is in danger (the reason why you activated your medical alert necklace in the first place) and they will stop at nothing to get to you and bring you the help that you need.

Sometimes locked doors get in the way of that care.  If you don’t have an accessible key, those paramedics and fire personnel will be forced to wait until someone is able to open the door.  If nobody is immediately available, they will break your door down to get to you.  Why?  They assume that you only had the strength to push the button on your medical alert necklace.

Breaking down a door is traumatic and expensive.

Medical alert systems paired with lockboxes make the perfect solution.

A lockbox allows you to leave a key outside in case of emergency.  Most people attach the box to a door or a railing so that the house is still fully secured but accessible by only the right people.

The medical alert necklace is designed to help you get help when you need it.  The next step from there is harder if the professionals that you called are not able to easily get into your house.

Medical alert systems lockboxes:

  • Save money in property damage

  • Save valuable time in rescuing

  • Potentially avert break-ins and other dangers if you (or your loved ones) are taken to the hospital.

  • Make your home safer

  • Are ideal for those who consistently forget their keys

Medical Alert Emergency Key Lockbox Set Up Instructions

Lockboxes are just as easy to install as medical alert systems.  Place the spare key into the box and use the connected padlock to attach the whole thing to something sturdy.  In fact, this type of lockbox system has been used for years in the real estate industry.

If you are feeling leery about someone taking the entire box and cracking it open elsewhere, put it somewhere else around the house.  Make sure that the lockbox is accessible, and you’ll be on your way.

Take a few moments to think about getting a lockbox.  Every minute that you or your loved one is forced to wait for medical care could be potentially life-threatening.  Give the code on the box to the people who administer your medical care system, and you’re set.


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