5 Questions to Ask before Getting Grab Bars

5 Questions to Ask Before Getting Grab Bars

by Charlie Kimball · 0 comments

Besides your emergency alert system, having a grab bar installed in your home is a lifesaver when you need to stand up from a sitting position. Grab bars are most often used in the bathroom where floors can get quite slippery. They provide extra support and something that you can lean on when you move from the toilet or tub.

When choosing grab bars for your bathroom, you should make sure that it fits your needs.  In fact, when loobathroom grab barsking to purchase anything – from grab bars to an emergency alert system to medical alert bracelets – you should do your homework. Here’s some questions to ask

1. If it’s temporary and fastened by suction cups, will those cups adhere to the surface on which I’m placing it?

You place your trust in grab bars. If that bar doesn’t stay on the wall it’s not going to be useful to you.

2. Will the grab bar support your weight?

There are some grab bars that, while they look good, they won’t support everyone’s weight.  If this hasn’t been tested beforehand, then it may fail when you need it most. You’d need to push the button on the medical alert bracelets.

3.  Has the grab bar been professionally installed?

When something has been professionally installed, it usually means that the service has a warranty attached to it.  Having that warranty means that the vendor will be there for you if something goes wrong, much like the emergency alert system that you have in place.

4. Do you have grab bars on both sides of your toilet?

This setup makes it much easier for those using the bathroom to get off of the toilet.  They have the ability to use their upper body strength and legs rather than only their legs.  Your slender, ready-to-use medical alert bracelets won’t interfere with the process.

5. Does the grab bar have a non-slip surface?

A grab bar loses its effectiveness if the person grabbing it is unable to hold it while moving themselves to and fro.  Falling is extremely scary, and with a slick bar, it can be even scarier.  That fear is an excellent reason to have medical alert bracelets and to install a gripping surface on the bar.

When choosing the best grab bars, it depends on the purpose for which you’re using it. Be sure to pick the right one for your needs. Tub and shower grab bars are different.   You may already have an emergency alert system; it’s now time to invest more in your day-to-day safety by purchasing a grab bar.

Article by Charlie Kimball

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