One Step Ahead - Our New Free Guide To Living Safe At Home

One Step Ahead – Our New Free Guide To Living Safe At Home

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We’ve pulled together some of the top ideas from our award-winning “Caregiver Tips” blog to bring you some easy ways to keep your home safe.


We know that millions of seniors are at risk of falling in their own home.  We know the consequences of a senior being left for hours or longer without being able to get help.  Our mission is to give you the tools to keep yourself or a loved one living at home, independently.


  • One out of three Americans age 65 and older falls at least once a year.  The chances of surviving a fall are six times greater if you are found within one hour, according to the CDC Center for Disease Control.
  • The National Heart Association reports that 350,000 of the 1.6 million Americans that suffer from heart attacks die because help does not arrive on time.
  • Every minute that a stroke victim goes unattended, the chance of permanent disability or death increases dramatically.

Enjoy our guide and lets us know if you have any ideas for future guides.

Download “One Step Ahead” by clicking this link: One Step Ahead – From Medical Care Alert 855-272-1010
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