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Set Up Your Medical Alert System, Always Wear Your Button

by Medical Care Alert · 2 comments

I just spoke to a family member of one of our new clients.

always wear your medical alert buttonShe just received her system on Tuesday, but did not set it up right away.

Unfortunately, she fell on Wednesday and was on the floor for 18 hours until someone came over to help her.

Luckily, she will be OK and home in a couple of days.

PLEASE don’t delay – when your medical alert system arrives set it up right away.  Have a friend or neighbor help you if need be.

And ALWAYS wear your button!  The system only works if you have the button on your person and can press the button when you need help.  It does you no good to have it on the nightstand if you are in the kitchen.

Call our customer care line at 1-877-913-3680 if you have any questions about your medical alert system.

Setting up the medical alert button system is so easy – it only takes about five minutes!  Here’s all you have to do:

  • Unbox the medical alert system and gather up all the instructions
  • Put on your medical alert button – you’ll wear it either around your neck or on your wrist
  • Decide where to locate your medical alert system – you should find a central area that has access to a phone jack, and a wall outlet for power
  • If your phone service is provided via your cable or internet company, you’ll probably need to plug the medical alert system console into the modem for phone service.
  • Connect the power – avoid using extension cords, overloading the sockets, or using a plug controlled by a light switch.
  • Now plug the medical alert console into the phone jack or modem, and plug into the power source.
  • Turn the system on, and call the number on the console to set up an initial test.
  • Press the medical alert button, and complete the test.

Now you’re ready to go!  Remember to test your medical alert system weekly, and always wear your medical alert button (even in the shower!).

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Medical Alert Systems February 8, 2012 at 8:33 am

Good information & appreciable work, i like your way to express your views. In today’s time we are very busy in our day to day life and have no time to take care of our elders, so medical alerts provides us the opportunity to take care of our elders i.e medical alert sevice is a type of warning device which helps to protect our loved ones in an emergency. Medical alert service offers different types of devices such as medical alert pendants, necklaces & alarms etc. So we have an option to choose which suits best for our elders.

Jennifer Dunn March 5, 2012 at 10:54 am

What a wake-up call. My grandmother lives alone and its suprising at her age what she is able to still do – and what gives her worry. For example, she got some new energy efficient light bulbs (FREE) from a mail-in form in her monthly electric bill. When I went to see her I commented on them as they were in the kitchen on the table. Her response was that she planned to give them away and asked if I wanted them. When I asked her why she said the insert listed a hefty to-do list and caution should they ever break. It was a reminder to me that her generation really does follow instructions to a T & when those instructions are cumbersome or too detailed its a deterrent. This is an excellent tip! Doesnt do any of us any good in a box….

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