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Sarasota Senior Saved By Fundraising Teenagers

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These two brave teenagers heard a Sarasota, Florida senior’s cries for help 14 hours after she had fallen.

As reported by WWSB-TV, the two teenagers were fundraising when they heard cries for help.  As firefighter Daniel Brimblecom points out, a medical alert system would have helped the woman to get immediate help after her fall.

Congratulations to these life savers – we all appreciate your quick thinking and taking action to help!   Read on for the full story.

SARASOTA – Taking part in a school tradition turned two young students into heroes. Cousins Kaylie Moia and Mitzi Garcia from Sarasota are being credited with saving woman’s life who fell inside of her home.

The two girls, who aren’t even teenagers yet, were going door to door selling coupon cards to benefit McIntosh Middle School. The hope is to sell the most cards so the school can recognize them for the effort. Little did they know that they would be recognized for being heroes.

After a pretty successful day, the girls decided to try one more house. When they arrived, they knocked on the door and no one answered, but they heard someone inside screaming, “help me, help me.”

That’s when the girls rushed across the street.

“One of the neighbors was outside. Instead of calling 911, I told her,” said 12-year-old Kaylie.

Without even knowing it, the girls certainly chose the right neighbor — the home is owned by a nurse and a firefighter. “My wife got me and I ran over there and found she had fallen and needed assistance,” said Daniel Brimblecom, a firefighter in Hardee County.

When Brimblecom discovered the elderly woman, he was amazed to learn how long she had been on her kitchen floor. “She had stated that she fell at 4:30 that morning, which I believe was 14 and a half hours later,” he said.

The firefighter believes the woman may have died if the girls had not heard her screaming.

“I feel really good because we saved someone’s life. She was on the floor all day and I think she lived alone and couldn’t reach the phone,” said Kaylie.

The woman remains in the hospital. We are told she sustained several broken bones, but is expected to be okay. Brimblecom suggests that seniors should purchase items like a medical alert system, so if they do fall down, all they have to do is press a button to alert paramedics.

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